1933 Naoyasu Hanayama establishes the Hanayama Game Research Laboratory in present-day Azabu 10-ban, Minato-ku, Tokyo.  Sells "diamond games", Corinth game and other indoor pursuits and toys.  
1935 Created Lucky Puzzle, a silhouette-picture puzzle game.  
1952 Hanayama Shoten K.K. established.  
1961 Company reforms as Hanayama Chiiku Gangu, K.K.
1962 Board Game Bankers becomes a smash hit.  
1972 Kuniyoshi Kobayashi appointed president.  Company relocates office and factory to current location, and reforms as Hanayama Gangu, K.K.
1978 Hanayama manufactures and sells the first domestically made bingo machines and cards.  
1980 Board games Katei-ban DX Bara and Katei-ban Carnation become smash hits.  
1983 "Cast puzzles" released
1991 Osaka office opened.  
1999 Hanayama increases sales routes to include convenience stores.  
2001 Product range increased and strengthened, market penetration improves, number of outlets rises.  
2002 Hanayama increases sales routes to include book stores; annual "cast puzzle" series sales reach 1.2 million units.  
2003 "News" campaign commences; total "cast puzzle" series sales reach 3.5 million units; Hanayama releases board game Cantan jointly with Capcom.  
2004 "Enigma" campaign commences; Hong Kong office opened.  
2008 Kunihiro Kobayashi appointed president.