Cast Dolce (#45438)
Cast Dolce (#45438)
Cast Dolce (#45438)

Cast Dolce (#45438)

Product No : 45438
Skill Level : 3
Package size : 75*119*45mm
Packing per CTN : 48(12)
GWT : 153g
Measurement : 0.03CBM
Difficult Level :

Introducing a puzzle masterpiece by Akio Yamamoto.                                         

Similar in style to the key chain version. "Sweet", we have raised the bar with this one, both in difficulty and design.                                          

It is vital to line up the ridges and grooves of the two pieces, both in taking them apart and in putting them back together.                                               

Don't try to rush this one - take your time and enjoy the "Vita Dolce!"

Yamamoto 2001                          

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